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EN 566-2017 pdf download.Mountaineering equipment – – Safety requirements and test methods.
2 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following term and definition applies.
tape, accessory cord or rope joined together by stitching or other means of fastening, whose shape and length are not specified to link other items in safety systems
Note 1 to entry: Examples of construction of slings are illustrated in Figure 1.
3 Safety requirements
3.1 Stability
When a woven tape is used, the weft yarn of the tape shall not unravel when tested in accordance with
3.2 Stitching
Where stitching is used to provide safety and strength (e.g. in joints) it shall be possible to inspect it and the stitching shall contrast with the tape in colour or surface appearance.
3.3 Tensile strength
When tested in accordance with 4.3, the tensile strength shall be at least 22 kN.
4.1.2 Test
Fix the test sample vertically. Apply, without shock the mass to the weft yarn of the lower end of the test sample for at least 1 mm. Release the mass and check whether or not the weft yarn has unravelled. Repeat the test on the weft yarn of the other end of the test sample.
4.2 Stitching
Carry out a visual examination to check that the requirements specified in 3.2 are met.
4.3 Tensile strength
4.3.1 Test sample
One sample of the shortest length of the sling type shall be tested.
The test shall always be carried out on an unused test sample.
4.3.2 Conditioning and test conditions
Dry the test samples for at least 24 h in an atmosphere of (50 ± 5) °C and less than 20 % relative humidity. Then condition these test samples in an atmosphere of (23 ± 2) °C and (50 ± 2) % relative humidity for at least 72 h. Then start testing these samples at a temperature of (23 ± 5) °C within 10 mm.
4.3.3 Determination of tensile strength
Attach the test sample between two bars offering a contact radius of (5 ± 0,05) mm to the sling and with a mean roughness value, Ra, not exceeding 0,8 urn and a peak to valley height, Rmax, not exceeding
6,3 pm.
Determine the loading speed, v, asa function of the free length of the test sample, using Formula (1):
v=(O,5±O1)/ minxl
v is the loading speed in millimetres per minute;
I is the free length in millimetres of the test sample overall laid out in the flat.
5 Marking
Slings shall be marked with at least the following items:
a) name of the manufacturer or its authorized representative;
b) tensile strength which the manufacturer ensures at the time of manufacturing;
c) number of this European Standard, i.e. EN 566;
d) year of manufacture.
6 Information supplied by the manufacturer
The sling shall be supplied with an explanatory leaflet, and written in at least the official language(s) of the state of destination containing at least the following items:
a) name and address of the manufacturer or its authorized representative;
b) number of this European Standard, i.e. EN 566;
c) meaning of any marking on the product;
d) tensile strength which the manufacturer ensures at the time of manufacturing;
e) use of the product;
f) how to choose other components for use in the system;
g) how to maintain/service the product, on the effects of chemical reagents and how to clean the product without adverse effect;
h) lifespan of the product and how to assess it and that after a serious fall the sling should be withdrawn from use as soon as possible;
I) influence of wet and icy conditions;
J) danger of sharp edges;
k) influence of storage and aging due to use;
I) influence of knots on the strength.EN 566-2017 pdf download.

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