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EN 648-2018 pdf download.Paper and board intended to come into contact with foodstuffs – Determination of the fastness of fluorescent whitened paper and board.
2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
EN ISO 186.. Paper and board – Sampling to determine average quality (ISO 186)
EN ISO 3696, Water for analytical laboratory use – Specification and test methods (ISO 3696)
IO 65882. Paper, board and puips – Determination of pH of aqueous extracts — Part 2: hot extraction
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following term and definition applies.
ISO and IEC maintain terminological databases for use in standardization at the following addresses:
• ICC Electropedia: available at http://www.elcctropedia.org/
• ISO Online browsing platform: available at hlLp:J/www.iso&rg&bp
ineffective transfer of fluorescent whitening agent from paper, to a glass fibre paper saturated with a test fluid and evaluated visually under UV-light against a series of comparison papers
4 Principle
A sample is brought into contact with glass fibre papers which have been saturated with a test fluid and
placed under load fora given time. The staining of the glass fibre paper is evaluated by comparison with
a series of fluorescent whitened comparison papers. The test fluids used are distilled or deionized water,
dilute acetic acid, alkaline salt solution and olive oil depending on the type of food Contact expected.
5 Materials and equipment
5.1 Unstained glass fibre papers’) of 60 mm x 90 mm. The glass fibre papers shall meet the following conditions:
a) gram mage 70 g/m²
b) pH-value 9,0 to 9,5, measured in the hot water extract according to ISO 6588-2:
c) free from fluorescent whitened and wet strength agents;
d) free from cellulosic fibres.
5.2 Glass fibre papers with a diameter of 30 mm. The glass fibre papers shall meet the same conditions as in 51.
5.3 Watch glass dish with a diameter of 40 mm.
5.4 Glass plates. 60 mm x 90 mm.
5.5 Polyethylene film, uncoloured and transparent.
5.6 Weight having a mass of 1 kg.
5.7 UV lamp giving UV-A (365 nm).
5.8 Drying cupboard.
5.9 Kettle.
6 Reagents
6.1 Fluorescent whitening agent: Benzenesulfonic acid, 2,2’-(l ,2-ethenediyl)bisls-[[4-[bis(2- hydroxyethyl)aminoj-6-(phenylamino)-l,3,5-triazin-2-yl]aminoj-, disodium salt, CAS: 4193-55-9; an aqueous solution of this whitening agent shall exhibit the following absorbency.
Absorbency: (0,350 ± 0,01) or (0,420 ± 0,01)
Wavelength: 365 nm resp. 350 nm
Path length: 1 cm
Test solution: 10 mg FWAs (Fluorescent whitening agents) in 1 I water (&Z)
Measurement against water (2).
Deviation of this absorbency makes adjustment of the amount of fluorescent whitening agent used in 11I1 necessary. The correction shall be made in line with the absorbency found.
7 Sampling
If a lot is tested then sampling is carried out in accordance with EN. 116.
8 Preparation of sample
Cut or punch several test pieces of 50 mm x 20 mm from the sample under investigation. Smooth edges shall be obtained.
9 Procedure
9.1 In case of test conditions D, the glass plates (5.4). the weight (5.6) and the alkaline salt solution
(6.4) are stored for 1 h at testing temperature in a drying cupboard (5k); fluorescent whitening agent
(6.1) is boiled in kettle (5.9). The use of cotton gloves Is sufficient.
9.2 Immerse two sheets of unstained glass fibre paper (Si.) in a test fluid (6.2. or 6.5). Remove the sheets after saturation and free the sheets from excess fluid by wiping on the rim of the container.
9.3 Place one sheet of unstained glass fibre paper with its smooth side upwards on the glass plate (5.4). Place the test piece (Clause 8) immediately on the unstained glass fibre paper. Cover it with the second saturated sheet of unstained glass fibre paper, so that the smooth side of the unstained glass fibre paper is in contact with the test piece again. Place a second glass plate (5.4) on top of the second unstained glass fibre paper and for procedures A and B wrap the total assembly in polyethylene film (5.5) to prevent the edges from drying out, load It with a mass of 1 kg (5.6) and allow it to stand under the condition of Table 2 with protection against direct light penetration.
9.4 If test pieces of a grammage of> 140 g/m2 are to be investigated, an appropriate even number of unstained glass fibre paper layers (5.1) is used so that the total of their grammages just exceeds the grammage of the test piece.
9.5 After the storage time open the assembly. Place the unstained glass fibre papers on 3 adjacent glass rods, 0 8 mm to 0 10 mm, with the side which was in contact with the test piece upwards, cover them without contact to prevent light penetration and air-dry at ambient temperature. Unstained glass fibre papers saturated with olive oil are not dried.
10 Test conditions
Iablc2 describes the test conditions of EN 648.EN 648-2018 pdf download.

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