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Standard Number:GB/T 38579-2020
Standard Name:Determination of photosynthetic bacteria in biologic products
Standard Size:6.8M
File Format:PDF
Introduction:This standard specifies the determination method of photosynthetic bacteria in biological products.
This standard is applicable to the determination of Rhodos pirillum rubrun, Rhodos pirillum fulvum, Rhodo Pseudomonas palustris, Rhodobacter capsulatus and Rhodobacter sphaeroides in biological products.
本标准适用于生物产品中深红红螺菌( Rhodos pirillum rubrun)、黄褐红螺菌( Rhodos pirillum fulvum)、沼泽红假单胞菌( Rhodo pseudomonas palustris)、荚膜红细菌( Rhodobacter capsulatus)和球形红细菌( Rhodobacter sphaeroides)的测定。
Note: the language of this document is Chinese.
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