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IEEE 1101.2-1992 pdf download.IEEE Standard for Mechanical Core Specifications for Conduction-Cooled Eurocards.
Abstract:Mechanical characteristics of conduction-cooled versions of Eurocard-based circuit card assemblies are described. This specification is applicable to, but not limited to, the VMEbus standard, an internal interconnect (backplane) bus intended for connecting processing elements to their immediate fundamental resources. The aim is to ensure mechanical interchangeability of conduction-cooled circuit card assemblies in a format suitable for military and rugged applications and to ensure their compatibility with commercial, double-height 16 mm, Eurocard chassis.
Keywords: dimensions, card slot requirements, circuit card assemblies, conduction-cooled, mechanical interchangeability, Eurocard-based.
This standard defines the mechanical requirements for Eurocard-based conduction-cooled circuit card assemblies (CCAS).
1.1 Mechanical Characteristics
The standard defines dimensions and card slot requirements for conduction-cooled, CCAs of the double-height, nominal 160 mm. Eurocard format.
1.2 Environmental Requirements
The prime use of CCAs developed according to this specification is for environments with extreme temperature, shock, and vibration. However, there are other applications for which this specification is suitable
P1156.1 [3] deals with environmental conditions and should be used to specify environmental requirements.
2. Purpose
The purpose of this standard is to ensure mechanical interchangeability of conduction-cooled CCAs in a format suitable for military and rugged applications. The CCAs shall also be compatible with commercial, double-height 160 mm Eurocard chassis.
4. Special Word Usage, Definitions, and Acronyms
4.1 Special Word Usage
may. A key word that indicates flexibility of choice with no implied preference
A key word indicating a mandatory requirement. Designers shall implement all such mandatory requirements to ensure interoperability with other products that meet this specification.
should. A key word indicating flexibility of choice with a strongly preferred implementation. The phrase it is recommended is used interchangeably with the key word should.
4.2 Definitions
height.By convention, the height axis is parallel to the connectors. (Refer to Fig 1.)
depth.By convention, the depth axis is perpendicular to the connectors in the plane of the PWB.(Refer to Fig 1.)
width: By convention, the width axis is perpendicular to the PWB. (Refer to Fig 2.)
bottom edge: By convention, that edge of the module that is seen counterclockwise from the faceplate when viewing the component side.IEEE 1101.2-1992 pdf download.

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