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IEEE 48-1975 pdf download.IEEE Standard Test Procedures and Requirements for High-Voltage Alternating-Current Cable Terminations.
This standard covers all indoor and outdoor cable terminations used on alternating current cables having laminated or extruded insulation rated 2.5 kV through 500 kV, except seperable insulated connectors which are covered by [1].
Cable terminations and component parts shall be capable of withstanding the test specified in this standard.
5. Nameplate Markings
5.1 Class I Terminations. The following in formation shall appear on all Class 1 Termi nation nameplates, where applicable:
(1)Manufacturers name, type, and desig- nation number
(2)IEEE termination class number
(3)Insulation class
(4)Maximum design voltage to ground
(5)Maximum and minimum cable conductor size
(6)Maximum and minimum cable insulation diameter
(7) BIL
(8)Rated internal pressure(gauge)
6. Test Requirements
6.1 Design Tests. To comply with this stan dard, high-voltage cable terminations must successfully pass the following tests as noted.
6.1.1 Dielectric Tests Isee Note (10),Table 1.
(1) Power frequency voltage 1 min dry with- stand test in accordance with Column 3 of Table 1 and Section (all classes).
(2) Power frequency voltage 10 s wet with- stand test in accordance with Column 4 of Table 1 and Section This test is made on outdoor terminations only (classes 1 and 2 when applicable).
(3)Power frequency voltage 6 h dry with itand test in accordance with Column 5 of Table 1 and Section classes).
7. Test Procedures
7.1 Preparation of Test Specimen. The test specimen shall comply with such of the fol lowing requirements as specified in Section7.4-7.6.
7.1.1 It shall be clean.
7.1.2 It shall be dry and clean.
7.1.3 It shall be assembled with cable of the type and maximum conductor size for which the high-voltage cable termination is de signed, and filled (as applicable) with the grade and quantity of materials specified by the manufacturer and assembled with any electric stress controlling features such a stress relief cones, etc, in the manner speci fied by the manufacturer For dielectric tests a mandrel with insulation having the same physical and electrical characteristics as that used on the cable may be substituted for the cable, and the test assembly shall include the standard types of external connectors (aerial lugs).IEEE 48-1975 pdf download.

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