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IEEE 535-1986 pdf download.IEEE Standard for Qualification of Class 1E Lead Storage Batteries for Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
IEEE 535-1986 describes qualification methods for Class 1E lead storage batteries and racks to be used in nuclear power generating stations outside of primary containment. Qualification required in ANSI/IEEE Std 308-1980 can be demonstrated by using the procedures provided in this standard in accordance with ANSI/IEEE Std 323-1983.
Battery sizing, maintenance, capacity testing, installation, charging equipment, and consideration of other type batteries are beyond the scope of this standard.
2. Definitions
cell type: Cells of identical design. for example. plate size, alloy, construction details, but that may have differences in the number of plates and spacers, quantity of electrolyte, or length of container.
For other definitions of terms contained in this standard, refer to Section 3. For all definitions not listed in the retérenced documents refer to ANSI/IEEE Std l00-l984. IEEE Standard Dictionary of Electrical and Electronics Terms.
The users of Class lE lead storage batteries are required to provide assurance that such equipment will meet or exceed its design specifications throughout its installed life. This is accomplished through a quality assurance program that includes design, qualification, production. quality control, installation, maintenance, and periodic testing. This document will treat only the qualification portion of the program.
The objective of qualification is to demonstrate that the batteries and racks, as installed, will perform their required
Class IE function throughout their qualified life. ANSI/IEEE Std 450-1980 recommends that the batteries he
replaced when their capacity drops below 80% of the manufacturer’s rating. Therefore, aged cells that deliver at least 80% rated capacity in the post seismic (or final) capacity discharge test are qualified.
Qualification may he accomplished by type testing. operating experience, or analysis, and any of these may be used individually or in combination. Ongoing qualification may he used to extend qualified life. Each method requires justification.
This standard provides the detailed procedures for type testing. Mathematical analysis and other methods of qualification are described in general terms.
With all qualification methods, the end result is the documentation that demonstrates that the battery and rack are adequate to perform their required functions. The documentation shall be in a form that allows verification by competent personnel other than the qualifiers, and shall contain the design specifications, the qualification method, results. statement of qualified life at 25 °C (77 °F),and the justifications.

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