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IEEE C37.09-1999 pdf free download.IEEE Standard Test Procedure for AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Rated on a Symmetrical Current Basis.
Abstract: The testing procedures for all high-voltage circuit breakers that include all voltage ratings above 1000 V ac and comprise both indoor and outdoor types having the prefered ratings as listed in ANSI C37.06-1 997 are covered. Typical circuit breakers covered by these standards have maximum voltage ratings from 4.76 kV through 800 kV, and continuous current ratings of 600 A, 1200 A, 2000 A, and 3000 A associated with the various maximum voltage ratings. The test procedures verify all assigned ratings, including continuous current, dielectric withstand voltages, short-circuit current, transient recovery voltage, and capacitor switching, plus associated capabilities such as mechanical endurance, load current, and out-of-phase switching. Production test procedures are also included. This standard does not cover generator circuit breakers as these are covered in IEEE Std C37.01 3-1 993.
Keywords: fast transient recovery voltage, indoor, initial, mechanical endurance, operating duty, outdoor, power frequency, short-circuit current, short-line fault, single-phase testing, test data reporting, three-phase testing, unit test, voltage distribution synthetic test.
IEEE C37.09-1999 is a major revision of ANSI/IEEE Std C37.09-1979 (R1996). This revision contains major substantive changes. Some editorial changes also have been included, and they arc intended to eliminate duplication of words from IEEE Std C37.04-1999 and to reduce the word usage in general.
Listed here, for information and guidance, are the substantive changes.
This revision reflects the changes made in ANSI C37.06-1997 where the K factor has effectively been eliminated for all indoor circuit breakers by assigning to it a numerical value of K = 1. This has been done to take advantage of the newer interrupting technologies. Additionally, the traditional use of 1.6 as the multiplying factor for the asymmetrical root-mean-square (mis) current and 2.7 for the peak current has been revised to reflect the time constant of 45 ms (corresponding to an XIR ratio of 17 at 60 Hz or 14 at 50 Hz) on which the circuit breaker ratings are based, which yields the mathematically correct values of 1 .55 antI 2.6 respectively. With the implementation of this change. the information needed to properly test circuit breakers rated in accordance with the 1979 or earlier editions of ANSI C37.06 and IEEE Std C37.04 has been deleted from the main body of this document; however test Tables 1 and 2 from the 1979 version of ANSI/IEEE Std C37.09-1979 have been included as Annex B for reference purposes and to be used in those cases where circuit breakers designed to meet the prior standards requirement are being tested. Users must refer to the prior editions of the relevant standards for more concise information in order to properly test those earlier designs of circuit breakers. This major change has resulted in a consolidation of text and of test duty requirements for this revision.IEEE C37.09-1999 pdf download.
This test procedure summarizes the various tests that are made on ac high-voltage indoor and outdoor circuit breakers, except for generator circuit breakers, which are covered in IEEE Std C37.O 13-1997. It describes accepted methods used in making the tests and specifies the tests that will verify assigned ratings under ANSI/IEEE standards. This procedure does not preclude the use of other equivalent or more effective methods of demonstrating ratings.
The tests are divided into the following classifications:
a) Design tests (Retèrred to in IEC X)56-l987 and IEC 60694-1996 as Type Tests)
b) Production tests (Referred to in IEC 6(X)56-1987 and IEC 60694-1996 as Routine Tests)
c) Tests after delivery
d) Conformance tests

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