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ISO/TR 20983:2003 pdf download.Information and documentation — Performance indicators for electronic library services.
ISO/TR 20983:2003 is applicable to all types of libraries in all countries. Limitations on the applicability of individual performance indicators are listed in the scope clause of the description of each indicator.
This Technical Report is concerned with the evaluation of electronic library services.
The successful provision of these services depends on close collaboration between publishers, network providers, and librarians. Their needs for data about various aspects of performance are different, and (he ability to collect data may not rest with the person most interested in that data. For example, the publisher may be best placed to collect data on the usage of a particular service; whereas the librarian may have most interest in using that data in developing and evaluating the service.
The main purpose of this Technical Report is to spread knowledge about the practice of evaluating electronic library services. Although electronic library services have been developed over more than thirty years, the technical environment has changed significantly in the last ten years. The need for performance indicators for electronic services was acknowledged in ISO 11620: 1998 Information and documentation – Library performance indicators. It was also acknowledged that at the time of publication of that International Standard. there were no indicators that had been tested arid documented, or that were in widespread use. Although there has been significant progress in the last few years on the definition, testing and documentation of indicators, it is still too soon to determine which indicators will be most generally useful, or become widely used. This Technical Report provides a standardized terminology and concise definitions and descriptions of a selection of performance indicators, in the same format as that used in ISO 11620. Publications listed in the Bibliography [2,3,5] provide more detailed information on data collection and analysis.
Only a small number of the indicators presented here are indicators of service quality: work on this area is not yet mature enough to be included. The indicators that are included have been tested in libraries, or are simple adaptations of similar indicators. In each case they have been judged against the criteria established in ISO 11620. That is, each indicator is judged to have informative content, to be reliable, valid, appropriate, practical, and in some circumstances may be used for comparative purposes.
The indicators presented in this Report are a representative selection of those which have been tested. A further selection would have taken longer to prepare, and to publish. Developments in the measurement and evaluation of electronic library services will be monitored by a Working Group, which will propose additional indicators, and modifications or adaptations to the indicators here as they are tested and validated. This Technical Report should be considered as work in progress towards the development of an International Standard. It is intended that, where appropriate, the contents of this Technical Report will be incorporated in a future revision of ISO 11620.ISO/TR 20983:2003 pdf download.
2 Normative references
ISO 2789:2003, Information and documentation — International library statistics;
ISO 5127:2001, Information and documentation — Vocabulary;
ISO 11620:1998, Information and documentation — Library performance indicators;
ISO 11620:1 998/Amd. 1:2003, Information and documentation — Library performance
indicators — Amendment 1: Additional performance indicators for libraries.

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