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ISO 14285:2014 pdf free download. Rubber and plastics gloves for food services – Limits for extractable substances.
ISO 14285:2014 specifies limits for extractable chemical substances for single-use gloves made from natural rubber, synthetic rubber, or plastic materials that are intended for use in food preparation, food handling, and related application in food service industry.
ISO 14285:2014 does not cover the specification for extractable biological substances and physical requirements of the gloves. It is not applicable to gloves used under extreme conditions such as those having pH less than 4,5 and/or temperature above 40°C. This International Standard does not cover gloves being exposed to fat and oil foods.
NOTE: The physical requirements specified for gloves could be found in related International Standards, for example, ISO 11193-1 and ISO 11193-2.
This International Standard does not cover safe and proper application of the gloves with subsequent handling, packaging, and storage procedures.
4 Requirements
4.1 Allowable limits of extractable substances from the gloves
The allowable extractable substances for all types of glove shall not exceed the limits presented in Table 1.
Determination of the extractable substances shall be carried out according to the test methods given in Table 1.

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