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ISO 23103:2020 pdf free download.Space link extension — Cross support transfer service — Specification framework.
1.1.1 This Recommended Standard defines, in an abstract manner, a CSTS in terms of:
a) the procedures necessary to provide the service;
b) the states of the service;
c) the behavior of each procedure;
d) the states of the procedures;
e) the operations necessary to constitute the procedures; and
f) the parameters associated with each operation.
1.1.2 It does not specify:
a) individual application services, implementations, or products;
b) the implementation of entities or interfaces within real systems;
c) the methods or technologies required to acquire data;
d) the methods or technologies required to provide a suitable environment for communications; or
e) the management activities required to schedule and configure services.
The purpose of this Recommended Standard is to define the various logical components, also known within this Recommended Standard as procedures that are required for specifying Cross Support Transfer Services (CSTSes).
This Recommended Standard provides a basis for the specification and development of Cross Support Services that are intended to be used for developing real systems that implement such services.
Implementation of a service based on the CSTS procedures defined in this Recommended Standard in a real system additionally requires the availability of a communications service to convey invocations and responses of the CSTS operations between the service user and the service provider.

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